Project Overview

To test your skills from this free course, design and implement a single screen app that displays information about a fictional small business. Think along the lines of your favorite coffeeshop, local restaurant, or that gem of a store that sells those rare comic books or records.

Suggested App Ideas

  • Details about a small business in your neighborhood
  • Contact info and description about your workplace or school
  • Info about a special interest group (like a club or sports team) youโ€™re part of and how new members can sign up


Your design must include:

  • Business name
  • At least one photo representing the business
  • Two or more other pieces of information, such as:
    • Contact information for the business (eg phone number, email address, website)
    • Address of the Business
    • Description of business
    • Hours of operation

Note: This is not required but If youโ€™re up for a making real impact in your community, go check out an actual local business and obtain their consent to build an app for them!


Create an XML document

To complete this project, you will need to create an XML document. We encourage you to use Android Studio to complete this part of the project, as it has auto-complete features for creating XML tags.

Include a ViewGroup

Be sure to include a ViewGroup (RelativeLayout or LinearLayout) and enough views (Image, Text, or Button views) to complete the project. Check your project against the rubric linked on the next page.