Install Android Studio

Navigate here, to the Android developers site to install Android Studio. This page will automatically detect your operating system.

Accept the terms and conditions to start the download. Double-click the downloaded file and follow all the prompts. Drag the Android Studio icon into your Applications folder.

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will setup Android Studio for you.

You can go ahead and choose Standard Setup and accept all the licenses.

Install Finished!

When you are finished, you will see this window: Start Screen

If you’re installing a recent version of Android Studio (from around April/May/June 2015) on a Mac, a standard installation might fail with a bunch of errors. If that happens, try doing a “Custom Setup” instead. Just keep clicking “Next” through all of the custom options (there’s nothing you actually need to change) and let it install. If using a custom install doesn’t fix your issue, keep troubleshooting and look through discussion posts!