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Today, i wanna share about my last project. Exactly about my Scholarship in Udacity Online Course. Exactly i feel very amazing with this program. Because it can improve my program skill exactly about Android Programming. Several days ago i had a deadline project about Popular Movie 1. I submitted it last friday. And in the saturday morning i got an email from udacity about my project was successed and i can continue my next study. πŸ™‚ Thanks Udacity

Email From Udacity

Ok, now i will share you about review from udacity about my project :

Project Review

Code Review

I will share several references with this code review from udacity , please check it out :

  1. Parcelable Vs Java Serialization
  2. Parcelable Vs Searializable
  3. Serializable
  4. Parcelable
  5. Passing Data Between activities
  6. Android Working with volley library
  7. Using Retrofit 2.x as REST client – Tutorial
  8. Comparing Retrofit Vs Volley
  9. HttpURLConnection
  10. Android ViewHolder Pattern Example
  11. Making ListView Scrolling Smooth
  12. Just few steps to make your APP RTL supportable
  13. Right to Left Support in Your Android App – Tutorial
  14. Android 6.0 Changes
  15. Security Tips
  16. Security Tips
  17. How do I tell if intent exist in Android
  18. Rounded Image View
  19. Using Butterknife for view Injection in Android
  20. 5 Reasons You Should Use Butterknife For Android
  21. Android Glide Image Library – Building Image Gallery App
  22. Android Picasso Tutorial Using Picasso Android Library
  23. Constraint Layout
  24. Using Constraint Layout
  25. Build a Responsive UI with ConstraintLayout
  26. Android user interface testing with Espresso – Tutorial
  27. Is there a safe way to manage API keys?
  28. android : is constraint layout support RTL
  29. Padding Left Vs Padding Start
  30. Right to Left Support in Your Android App – Tutorial
  31. Android 4.2 APIs


That’s so Awesome Review, Right? πŸ˜€


Thanks Udacity

Happy Coding πŸ˜‰