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Some people argue that professional sports are paid too high, while others claim is fair for them.

Discuss Both view!

Answer : 

T1        :  Some people believe that salaries of professional sports are unfair. It is because they do not give more impact in economic and safety development country. It should give high salary for Army.


R2        :  It is because professional sports only work for their team and if they win a competition, Country only get good name and people will know that country has best professional sport. But different with Army, If a country has professional Army, Colonial will afraid with that country.


E2        : For example, in Indonesia football players have high salary Rp 10,000,000 than Army. But colonial  or another country not afraid for this country. Some products of Indonesia has been claimed by another country such as Angklung, batik and others.


T2        : On other hand, some people claim it is reasonable because professional sports need to exercise, keep their health and check their medical physics.


R2        : It is because before they attend the competition, they must do more exercise, eat vegetarian food and check their health to professional doctor regularly.


E2        : For example, Bambang Pamungkas always exercise in his private football court. He spends Rp 150,000,000 ti naje that court . And also he spends RP 20,000,000 per month to buy vegetarian and food. Beside that,  He also spends Rp 35,000,000 to pay his private Doctor. It is reasonable with his high salary Rp 70,000,000 per month.


Topic :

Nowadays many young people spend their free time in Shopping centers. This has a negative effect on the youths and the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with his statement ? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

Answer :

The young today spend a large amount of their leisure time in shopping centers. It is feared that this trend can bring negatives influences on the youths and the society. I strongly agree with this view.


On the individual level, allocating excessive amounts of lime on making purchases at shopping malls can make the young generations waste a great deal of money. Although browsing for products like clothes or perfumes can be a captivating experience, the youths are easily tempted into impulsive buying as there are dozens of brands with various prices and jeans in a row because there is a big sale period in progress at Christmas holiday and this cost her somewhere 100 dollars, quite a high sum of money. In addition, such items often end up being unused : some dresses can be left in the wardrobe, covered with dust anti are unfortunately over-sized upon people’s first use.


On the societal level, the communities can suffer from a decrease in intellectual level and work productivity as young people are more interested in leisure pursuits rather than focusing on their work or study. It is undeniable that an average woman spends at least two hours doing the shopping while shopaholics can spend a whole day, and the trend is that they are being more and more willing to spend fewer hours at the workplace during weekdays, or students often stop reading a book and head to the nearest shopping mall if their friends ask them out. Gradually, the economy also suffers due to less work being done, and the youths could slack off in their acquisition of knowledge, making the national education standard drop significantly.


In conclusion, I believe that this trend has an overall negative impact on both the young and the society as a whole.

Topic :

Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality than any experience we may have in our life. Which do you consider to be the major influence ?

Answer :

I believe that what people get from their society will give impact for their live. It is because all of societies have good impact for their life, such as islamic society will give more impact for person to be an islamic people. And also have negative and it will give bad impact for their life. For example, People with bad characters and then move to new place with good society, good characters and finally change his character from bad person to be a good person.

In Addition, I believe that self motivation and problem solving will give impact for our live. It is because self motivation and problem solving will make they will be strong, always spirit and positive thinking for their future. And it also will make their life better than before. For example, some college students of university of Indonesia gave been failed to Final Exam. And then, they motivated their selves to pass their exam, always spirit, never give up and take their final exam. And finally they can pass their exam.


Topic :

In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for government to impose a higher tax on this kind of food.

Do you agree or disagree?

Answer :

I disagree if government impose a higher tax on fast food. I believe that not all of fast food is not good for our health. Although government necessary to impose higher tax on it. I believe that some people still go to fast food to eat something.


On other hand, when government impose a higher tax on fast food, the restaurant or fast food still has many consumers. It is because some people do not know the effect of fast food for their health. They only think that is so delicious and high class. For example, In big city, there are many malls with many fast food restaurants. Most of them give tax 10-15% for every total payment items. But there are still many consumers to eat fast food.


On other hand, some people argue that government not only impose higher tax for fast food. But government also must give socialization how to make good food with good ingredients and good food for our health. Beside that, government also must check regularly about that fast food and give certify to it if fast food is good ingredients and good for health. For example, MUI and Health Department give certify to CFC and Solaria after they check those restaurants. Then, Our government give socialization about it and also remind that before eat fast food we must check about the certify for that fast food.


In conclusion, impose higher tax on fast food, I think high tax is not good solution, I believe that government give certify and check about fast food with good ingredients will be a good solutions.


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